What is PBN?

The quality and amount of backlinks of any website are the major determinants whether the website will rank. If your website will rank on Google, then you are going to need a lot of good backlinks. And this is what PBN does for you.
A PBN is an assortment of reputable websites in which you have total control of, and they also link back to your own money site.
However, for you to get the benefits of PBN, you need to make your PBNs clean. Hence the need for testing your PBNs.

How to Carry out PBN testing
Testing your PBNs It is easy and fast. All you have to do is to check out some third-party websites, use them as your test subject and then send some links.
Consider Keywords very helpful in this. the SMX advanced 2018 revealed some important keyword techniques to attendees.

Here is how you can do that

Use SEMrush to identify third-party websites in your niche, SEMrush helps you get the Keywords that any website is ranking for.

  • Make sure to identify a Keyword in Which its exact anchor has never been sent.
  • As sending a new anchor to any healthy website will make its ranking to go up.
  • Plug anchor into AHRefs, check that it has never been sent. Send the anchor using “clove oil cvs” and the ranking will increase, if you have a good PBN.
  • Also keep in mind that It is very convenient to find this test cases using a VA.

Create The Link

  • To create the link on your PBN,
  • Develop a 300-word content, add images to your post.
  • Create an exact match of the anchor link using the keywords that you have identified.
  • Also send the same URL that ranked on SEMrush to it.

Analyzing Results

  • Considering where you obtained and set up your domains, the time you will get your results might vary. You may however decide to check the results after a week.
  • If your PBN testing worked well, you will see an increase in the ranking of the keyword.
  • Remove the link at this juncture and add it PBN to your network.
  • In a case that the keyword does not rank on SEMrush, wait for an additional one week. This is to be sure that Google isn’t what is messing up things with their random algorithms.
  • However, if your PBN is not clean, remove the link and the rankings of your target sites will bounce back in a week or two.
  • Some times you also need to test the third party sites in order to see if it can yield the result you want.
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